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Your muse is within reach...


Are you a lovely gentlemen that has the unfortunate circumstance of not being in my home states or in any of my touring locations? Have you given up? Well, have no fear! I heard you loud and clear. What you'll explore on this page are my Fly Me To You options. 

Traveling is beyond a shadow of a doubt, my first love. I am always passport and airport outfit ready. In my spare time, you can definitely find me on my favorite airline's site, planning an escape. During my lifetime so far, I have been fortunate enough to visit 30 states (Alaska, Hawaii, Las Vegas, etc) and 8 countries (Demark, Dubai, Canada, etc) to name a few. I'd love to check off more. Bonus points if you happen to live in Amsterdam, Finland, Paris or Bali!!


Upon inquiring about a FMTY, please note that there is a 3-hour date minimum.

A 20% deposit is mandatory and a week notice is highly advised.

All flights and separate hotel reservations (if needed) are expected to be taken care of. These items are not included in my rate. I ask that an airline gift card be sent to my email so that I may book my accommodations myself. 

I am available for both Domestic and International travel. Typically, I only require First or Business class for flights 4 hours or longer, however, due to the current conditions of the pandemic, I am only flying first class. Until the "new normal" is made clear, it is imperative to keep myself safe, in turn, keeping you safe.


Thank you for considering me to be your travel companion. I'll see you soon. 

Amori B.

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