Here, we don’t harm cats. So, for the curious gentlemen this page is dedicated to you. Enjoy!

Q: Why don’t you show your face?

A: This stage in my life is a bookmark, and like any bookmark it moves around the book you are reading. When I finally finish this book, I do not want this bookmark carrying over to the next book. 

Q: Are you from Atlanta?

A: I live in Atlanta, but I was born and raised in Chicago. White Sox fan’s stand up!

Q: Where did Amori come from?

A: The Spanish word for love is amor so, I threw an “i” at the end and made it a lady.

Q: Do you do duo’s?

A: I keep my men like I keep my secrets—to myself.

Q: Do you like Greektown?

A: No

Q: Can I use you as a reference? 
A: After 3 dates, absolutely!